Profitable Online Side Hustle Ideas You Can Begin with $100 in 2024

In 2024, starting an online side hustle is a savvy way to supplement income; opportunities abound in freelancing, e-commerce, and digital product sales with minimal initial investments. With a modest budget of $100, one can enter the gig economy, utilizing skills in diverse fields and leveraging platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and personal networks for marketing.

This article demystifies the process of setting up profitable side hustles online, including dropshipping, freelancing, and affiliate marketing, while ensuring passive income through strategic utilization of podcasts, cybersecurity, and website development.

Dropshipping on eBay

Dropshipping on eBay is a practical online side hustle that can be started with as little as $100. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Setting Up Your eBay Store:
    • Register for an eBay account with accurate personal details for credibility.
    • New sellers should increase their selling limits by offering cheaper items initially and providing excellent customer service.
    • Opt for a business account for potentially higher account limits and benefits.
  2. Product Research and Listing:
    • Use tools like Zeke Analytics to identify evergreen products with high ROI and low defect rates.
    • Craft listings with Zeke Analytics’ title builder for keyword-rich titles and provide detailed descriptions and quality images.
    • Monitor and optimize listings based on sales and customer feedback.
  3. Managing Your Dropshipping Business:
    • Source products from reliable suppliers like CJ Drop Shipping or utilize retail arbitrage from stores like Home Depot.
    • Automate the listing and order fulfillment process using software like AutoDS, which also updates prices and stock status.
    • Maintain top-level customer communication using templates for post-sales inquiries to ensure high satisfaction rates.

      By carefully selecting products and optimizing your eBay store, you can create a sustainable dropshipping business with minimal upfront investment.

Selling Alibaba Products on Amazon

Selling Alibaba Products on Amazon can be a lucrative venture, especially when leveraging the vast array of products available on Alibaba’s global B2B ecommerce platform. When considering this side hustle, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and to take steps to mitigate them:

  • Product Selection and Supplier Verification:
    • Identify products with a strong demand on Amazon, avoiding oversaturated markets.
    • Opt for non-branded items to circumvent issues with counterfeits.
    • Utilize Alibaba’s filters like “Trade Assurance” and “Verified Supplier” to ensure safer transactions.
    • Review each supplier’s profile for insight into their manufacturing capabilities and quality control.
  • Payment and Protection:
    • Use Alibaba’s secure payment system to safeguard your investment, with options such as credit/debit cards and PayPal.
    • Leverage Trade Assurance for protection against product quality discrepancies and shipping delays.
  • Listing and Shipping to Amazon:
    • Create a comprehensive listing in Amazon Seller Central, including all necessary product details.
    • For beginners, coordinate with suppliers to manage shipping directly to Amazon FBA.

      Be mindful of the challenges, such as communication barriers with suppliers, ensuring product quality, and navigating Amazon’s requirements for sellers. With a strategic approach, selling Alibaba products on Amazon can be a profitable online side hustle.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is a strategic approach to earning income by promoting products and driving sales through Amazon’s vast marketplace. To succeed in this venture, consider the following tips:

  • Product Selection:
    • Focus on promoting higher-priced items, such as MacBooks, to maximize commissions.
    • Cameras, offering around 4% commission, exemplify products that can yield approximately £30 per sale.
  • Content Creation:
    • Develop demonstrational content to address potential buyers’ queries and showcase product use.
    • Generate “Top [number]” product lists within your niche to guide traffic to Amazon.
    • Offer consistent, high-quality content like product reviews and comparison posts to build a loyal audience.
  • Building Trust and Authority:
    • Establish a trusted relationship with your audience to potentially earn over $3,000 monthly in affiliate commissions.
    • Become an authority in your niche, which can lead to easier trust-building and higher commission rates.
  • Diversification and Strategy:
    • While Amazon is beginner-friendly, exploring other platforms could offer better commission rates and recurring income.
    • For instance, promoting software can lead to a recurring income of up to 30% of the revenue.
    • Engage in keyword research to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate content.

      By adhering to these strategies and maintaining consistency in content creation, you can effectively monetize your online presence and establish a profitable side hustle through Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Offering Freelance Services on YouTube

Offering freelance services on YouTube can be a viable online side hustle, especially when you leverage platforms like Fiverr to create a professional website that showcases your skills and services. Here are steps to get started:

  1. Establishing Your Niche:
    • Determine your area of expertise and create content that showcases your skills in this domain.
  2. YouTube Channel Creation:
    • Set up a YouTube channel dedicated to your niche, ensuring it reflects your freelance offering.
  3. Content Development:
    • Produce high-quality videos that provide value and attract potential clients.
    • Incorporate low competition keywords into your video titles to improve visibility.
  4. Service Promotion:
    • Use video descriptions to link to your professional website and detail your freelance services.
    • Engage with viewers in comments to build relationships and guide them to your offerings.
  5. Pricing Strategy:
    • Develop competitive pricing for your services that reflect the value you offer.
    • Consider creating service packages that cater to various client needs and budgets.
  6. Building Client Relationships:
    • Network and provide exceptional customer service to grow your client base.
    • Deliver quality work to exceed client expectations and foster repeat business.
  7. Channel Management Services:
    • Offer comprehensive YouTube channel management packages, including audits, keyword research, and video editing.
  8. Growth and Engagement:
    • Focus on creating unique content, engaging thumbnails, and titles to increase watch time and build a community.
    • Be active on social media to enhance your channel’s visibility and engagement.

      By following these steps and consistently delivering value, you can monetize your YouTube presence and turn it into a profitable side hustle, reaching monetization milestones such as 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

Building Websites for Local Businesses

Building a website for local businesses can be an affordable and profitable online side hustle, with initial costs that are surprisingly low. Here’s how to get started with just $100:

  1. Initial Setup Costs:
    • Purchase a domain name for approximately $10-15 per year.
    • Select a web hosting service like Bluehost, HostGator, or DreamHost, typically around $5-10 per month.
  2. Content Management System (CMS):
    • Utilize WordPress, a free and user-friendly CMS with extensive customization options and community support.
    • Access a plethora of free tutorials on basic HTML, CSS, and design principles from resources like Codecademy, freeCodeCamp, and W3Schools.
  3. Client Acquisition and Service Pricing:
    • Reach out to your personal network, including friends, family, and the local community, to find your first clients.
    • Charge for your expertise and the time you invest, not solely based on hosting costs.
  4. Website Development:
    • Choose from thousands of pre-made templates, with options ranging from free to $100, to jumpstart the design process.
    • Follow EPhost’s tutorials for guidance on theme installation, plugin use, and integrating social media.
  5. Business Preparation:
    • Develop a clear vision for the website before commencing development.
    • If starting without initial investment, focus on acquiring clients and preparing your business strategy.
    • Keep initial expenses low by avoiding fancy designs or professional copywriting services.

      By following these steps and investing in the essentials like a domain name and hosting, you can build websites for local businesses for less than $100, making it a viable and profitable side hustle.


As the digital economy continues to flourish, the opportunities to build profitable online side hustles with minimal investment have never been more accessible. From the promise of sustainable income through dropshipping on eBay to the lucrative potential of Amazon Affiliate Marketing, each model offers a unique pathway to financial growth. Freelancing on YouTube and building websites for local businesses stand as testaments to the power of leveraging one’s skills in the digital sphere, each requiring a strategic approach and a commitment to providing value that resonates with a targeted audience.

In conclusion, the journey to establishing a successful side hustle with just $100 is laden with viable prospects and innovative strategies that cater to a range of interests and skill sets. While this article has unpacked the practical steps to venture into these digital realms, the pursuit of such endeavors demands a continuous learning curve, adaptability, and proactive engagement with evolving market trends. If you’re ready to embark on this entrepreneurial adventure and amplify your earnings, explore the potential of these side hustles and start forging your path to success in the online marketplace today.


What are the top online side hustles for generating significant income?
The most lucrative online side hustles include creating and publishing an Amazon eBook, building and monetizing a website, freelance writing or editing, mastering retail arbitrage, becoming a mystery shopper with Field Agent, selling old clothes on marketplaces, and participating in UX research and focus groups.

Which side hustle is the simplest to start and can be highly profitable?
The easiest and most profitable side hustles are those that align with your skills and interests. Options include selling your photography, participating in paid online surveys, app and website testing, transcription or translation services, crafting and selling handmade items, performing landscaping tasks, and starting a dropshipping business.

How can someone earn an additional $2,000 per month?
To make an extra $2,000 each month, consider delivering food or groceries, renting out spare space in your home, online tutoring, establishing a profitable blog or YouTube channel, renting out your car, selling handcrafted products, or working as a virtual assistant.

Are there side hustles that offer weekly payouts?
Yes, there are side hustles that pay weekly. Online tutoring through platforms like VIPKid or can provide weekly income if you have expertise in a subject. Additionally, pet sitting or dog walking services through apps like Rover can also offer weekly payments.


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