How to Earn Money on X [ Twitter ]

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media platforms, X has emerged as a promising contender for creators looking to monetize their content. With its all-in-one approach and a vision to become the go-to platform for everything, X has introduced various features that allow creators to earn money. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the steps you need to take to become eligible for X’s ads revenue sharing program and how you can start earning money on the platform.

Becoming Eligible for Ads Revenue Sharing

To be considered eligible for X’s ads revenue sharing program, you must meet certain criteria. Here are the requirements:

  1. Subscription to X Premium or Verified Organizations: To be eligible for ads revenue sharing, you need to be subscribed to X Premium or belong to a Verified Organization.
  2. Organic Impressions: You must have accumulated at least 5 million organic impressions on your posts within the last three months. This metric shows the reach and engagement of your content.
  3. Followers: You need to have a minimum of 500 followers on X. This ensures that you have a certain level of influence and audience engagement.

Accessing Ads Revenue Sharing

X aims to simplify the process of joining the ads revenue sharing program. Eligible X Premium and Verified Organizations subscribers are automatically entitled to revenue sharing, provided they meet the eligibility criteria. Here’s how you can access ads revenue sharing:

  1. Go to the “Monetization” section in your X settings. You can find this option in the side menu on iOS and Android devices, and the overflow menu on the web.
  2. Click on “Join and setup payouts.” This will redirect you to X’s payment processor, Stripe, where you can set up an account to receive your share of the revenue.
  3. Set up your Stripe account to enable fund transfers to your external bank account. Once you have completed this step, you will start receiving payouts on a regular basis, as long as you have generated more than $10 USD.

It’s important to note that X reserves the right to modify or cancel the ads revenue sharing program at any time, based on business, financial, or legal reasons. X also has the discretion to accept or revoke your participation in the program if you breach the Ads Revenue Share Terms or fail to comply with the Creator Monetization Standards and X Rules.

Withdrawing from the Ads Revenue Sharing Program

If you wish to withdraw from the ads revenue sharing program, you can contact X Paid Support and notify them of your decision to stop receiving payouts. However, if your account has been flagged for review and your payouts have been paused, you will have the opportunity to appeal.

Upon receiving a notification about paused payouts, you will have 30 days to appeal by providing meaningful evidence that justifies restarting your program. If you fail to appeal within the given timeframe or your appeal is rejected, you will become ineligible to restart the program.

Global Availability of Ads Revenue Sharing

X’s ads revenue sharing program is available globally, allowing creators from various countries to participate. X’s payment processor, Stripe, supports payouts to multiple countries.


X provides creators with the opportunity to earn money through its ads revenue sharing program. By meeting the eligibility criteria and joining the program, creators can monetize their content and generate income. However, it’s essential to adhere to X’s guidelines and terms to maintain eligibility and continue receiving payouts. With its global availability and all-in-one approach, X presents a promising platform for creators to showcase their talent and earn a living doing what they love.

Remember, X may modify or cancel the program at any time, so it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest guidelines and comply with the platform’s policies. Start your journey as a creator on X today and take advantage of the earning potential it offers.


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