Leger Opinion: A Comprehensive Review of Canada’s Largest Survey Panel

What is Leger Opinion?

The Largest Survey Panel in Canada

Leger Opinion, formerly known as LegerWeb, has established itself as Canada’s largest online survey community. With its inception in 2004, Leger Opinion has conducted approximately 500 online studies per year, focusing primarily on Canadian survey takers. However, individuals residing in the United States can also participate in surveys on the platform.

The survey panel is owned and operated by Leger Marketing, a well-known market research and analytics company founded in 1986. Leger Opinion has gained credibility and recognition for its contributions to market research, with its surveys and poll results frequently featured in the media.

The Evolution of LEO Surveys

In 2019, LegerWeb underwent a transformation and rebranded itself as Leger Opinion, or LEO for short. This change brought about a fresh and modern image for the survey panel, while still maintaining its commitment to providing a platform for individuals to share their opinions and earn rewards.

LEO’s website, legeropinion.com, showcases its dedication to user experience with its professional and visually appealing design. It is evident that Leger Opinion aims to create a positive and engaging environment for its members.

2. How Does Leger Opinion Work?

Leger Opinion offers its members various ways to earn rewards for their participation. Let’s explore the different earning opportunities available on the platform.

Earning Opportunities

  1. LEO Surveys: The primary way to earn rewards on Leger Opinion is by participating in paid surveys. Upon joining LEO for free, members will receive email invitations to complete surveys as they become available. For those who prefer taking surveys on their mobile devices, Leger Opinion offers a user-friendly app available for both Android and iOS users.
  2. Monthly Contests: LEO regularly holds contests that allow members to earn additional rewards. By completing survey offers, members can accumulate entries for the monthly contests. The prizes offered in these contests are significant, with cash rewards and gift cards up for grabs.
  3. Referral Program: Leger Opinion encourages its members to refer friends and family to join the survey panel. For each successful referral, members earn 1,000 LEO points and one entry chance for the monthly contest. The referred individuals must complete their profiles and answer at least one survey for the referrer to receive the rewards.
  4. Love, Hate, Rate Program: LEO Opinion offers a unique program called Love, Hate, Rate, where members can express their opinions on various products, brands, events, and services. This program allows members to rate anything they want, providing valuable feedback to businesses and brands. Although this program does not offer monetary rewards, it provides an opportunity for members to have their voices heard.

3. Eligibility and Registration

Who Can Join Leger Opinion?

Leger Opinion is open to residents of both Canada and the United States. While the primary focus is on Canadian survey takers, individuals residing in the US can also participate in surveys on the platform.

The minimum age requirement for joining Leger Opinion is 13 years old. However, there may be surveys available for children under 13 with parental consent.

Registration Process

To become a member of Leger Opinion, individuals can sign up directly on the LEO website or through one of the LEO apps available for download. During the registration process, prospective members will need to provide their name, email address, and password. Additionally, there is an option to enter a promo code if one is available.

After signing up, new members will be prompted to complete their survey profile. This initial profile survey helps Leger Opinion gather essential demographic information to match members with relevant survey opportunities. Completing the profile survey not only ensures a better survey experience but also rewards members with 500 LEO points and 5 contest entries.

4. Earning Potential

Points and Rewards

Leger Opinion operates on a point-based system, where members earn LEO points for their participation. Each survey completed on the platform rewards members with a specific number of LEO points. The amount of points earned per survey may vary depending on the length and complexity of the survey.

The conversion rate for LEO points is 1,000 points equal to $1. Members can accumulate points and redeem them for various rewards offered by Leger Opinion. These rewards include cash payments via PayPal, gift cards, prepaid Visa cards, travel rewards points, and more.

Cashing Out

To cash out their earnings, members must reach a minimum account balance of $20. This minimum threshold applies to most reward options, except for donations to charity, which have no minimum requirement. Additionally, members can request 20 Air Miles for $10 in earnings, offering a lower redemption option.

Leger Opinion provides a range of payout options to cater to different preferences. Members can choose to receive their rewards in the form of PayPal payments, gift cards to popular retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Visa prepaid cards, and more. The platform also offers the option to convert points into reward miles for Aeroplan or Air Miles.

Payout Speed

The payout speed on Leger Opinion varies depending on the chosen reward. Air Miles and Aeroplan points typically have the quickest payout speed, with rewards usually appearing in the member’s account within 1-2 days. PayPal payments and certain gift cards may take up to 7-10 business days to process. Payouts via Visa prepaid cards have the slowest payout speed, with a processing time of up to 7 weeks.

Sign Up Bonus

As an incentive for new members, Leger Opinion offers a sign-up bonus of $0.50. To be eligible for the bonus, new members must complete the initial profiler survey. This bonus serves as a welcome gesture and a small boost to get members started on their earning journey. [ Click Here ]

5. User Experience

Website and Mobile App

Leger Opinion provides a seamless user experience through its website and mobile app. The website, legeropinion.com, features a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The clean design and intuitive layout make it simple for members to find available surveys and access their account information.

For those who prefer taking surveys on their mobile devices, Leger Opinion offers a mobile app available for download on both Android and iOS platforms. The app allows members to complete surveys, check their account balances, and redeem rewards directly from their mobile devices. This flexibility enables members to participate in surveys anytime and anywhere, enhancing the overall user experience.

User-Friendly Interface

Leger Opinion’s user-friendly interface is designed to provide a seamless survey-taking experience. Upon logging in, members are presented with a dashboard that displays available survey offers. Each survey offer includes details such as the corresponding reward, estimated time to complete the survey, and any bonus rewards offered.

Members are encouraged to log in frequently to check for new survey offers. Leger Opinion does not guarantee email notifications for available surveys, so regularly visiting the platform ensures members do not miss out on survey opportunities.

Profile Surveys and Survey Availability

Completing profile surveys is crucial for maximizing survey availability and qualifying for more surveys on Leger Opinion. After joining, members are directed to complete their initial profiler survey, which helps Leger Opinion gather essential demographic information. Members will receive subsequent profile surveys that reward them with 500 LEO points each. Accurately completing these profile surveys ensures members receive surveys that match their demographic profile.

Survey availability can vary based on the needs of LEO’s clients and the number of respondents required for each survey. Some surveys may have a pre-determined number of respondents, and once that quota is reached, members may no longer be able to proceed with the survey. To increase the chances of receiving survey invitations, it is recommended that members regularly check the platform for available surveys.

6. Pros and Cons of Leger Opinion


  • User-friendly platform accessible via multiple devices
  • Surveys offer a small number of points even if disqualified
  • Operated by a reputable market research company


  • High minimum payout threshold for cash-based rewards
  • Phone number verification required for cashing out
  • Survey availability may vary based on demographic profile

Tips for Maximizing Earnings

  • Fill out your profile fully and accurately to receive surveys that match your demographic
  • Avoid using a VPN, as it may result in account suspension
  • Use your own phone number for verification to ensure identity and location verification

7. Trust and Legitimacy

Trust Rating

Leger Opinion has established itself as a trusted survey panel within the industry. The platform has been given a trust rating of 5/5, reflecting its legitimacy and commitment to providing a reliable earning opportunity for its members.

User Reviews

Member reviews of Leger Opinion indicate a mixed sentiment regarding the platform. While some members express satisfaction with the ease of use and the ability to earn rewards, others mention the limited availability of surveys and the disqualification process. It is important to note that individual experiences may vary based on demographic profiles and survey availability.

Reputation and Longevity

Leger Opinion’s reputation is bolstered by its longevity and association with Leger Marketing, a reputable market research and analytics company. With over 15 years of operation, Leger Opinion has become a well-established survey panel in Canada, conducting numerous surveys each year and contributing to market research insights.

8. Customer Support

Contact Information

Leger Opinion provides multiple channels for customer support and inquiries. Members can reach out to LEO via email or phone, depending on the nature of their query. The platform’s website also features a contact page that provides additional support options.

9. Alternatives to Leger Opinion

While Leger Opinion offers a reliable earning opportunity, there are several alternatives available in the market. Here are a few survey panels that you may consider:

  • InboxDollars
  • Branded Surveys
  • Swagbucks
  • Lootup
  • Octopus Group

Each platform has its own unique features and rewards structure, so it is worth exploring multiple options to find the one that best suits your preferences.

10. Additional Information

Minimum Age and Supported Locations

Leger Opinion requires members to be at least 13 years old to join. However, surveys for children under 13 may be available with parental consent.

The platform is open to residents of Canada and the United States, with a primary focus on Canadian survey takers.

Supported Devices and Languages

Leger Opinion can be accessed through various devices, including Android phones, Android tablets, computer browsers, iPads, iPhones, and more. The platform also offers support for multiple languages, including English and Français.

11. Final Verdict

After examining the various aspects of Leger Opinion, it is evident that the platform offers a legitimate earning opportunity for individuals in Canada and the United States. With its user-friendly interface, multiple earning opportunities, and reputable background, Leger Opinion provides members with a reliable platform to share their opinions and earn rewards.

While the earning potential may vary based on survey availability and individual demographics, Leger Opinion remains a popular choice among survey takers looking to make some extra cash in their free time. By completing profile surveys, actively participating in surveys, and taking advantage of additional earning opportunities, members can maximize their earnings on the platform.

12. How to Join Leger Opinion

To join Leger Opinion and start earning rewards, simply visit their website or download the LEO app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Sign up by providing your name, email address, and password, and complete your profile survey to get started on your survey-taking journey.

Remember to check the platform regularly for available surveys and take advantage of the referral program and monthly contests to boost your earnings. With dedication and active participation, you can make the most of your experience on Leger Opinion and enjoy the rewards it offers.


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