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Well,  most of the people are familiar with auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance and life insurance. And these are the common types of insurance and lot’s of people are familiar with them but travel insurance is an additional type of insurance. People never know much about this because they don’t like to buy one from them. They never give important to “Travel Insurance” but it has lot of benefits and to understand the term travel insurance you should know these things- 

– What is travel insurance?

– What are the benefits of travel insurance?

– Why should you buy this insurance or what are its benefits?

– And how travel insurance works?

1) What is a Travel Insurance Mean?

In simple words travel insurance is a type of insurance that helps you to cover your loss during your trips like  health, life, disability, and baggage. Basically, travel insurance helps to cover last-minute trip cancellation, delays, loss of luggage, medical emergencies during trip, or any injury while overseas.

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Different insurance companies offer different types of packages that include different coverage and the best way to choose a perfect insurance package is to educate yourself about those topics and gather information related. Moreover, you should also ask questions to your insurance provider about the benefits and expenses related to travel insurance.

At the time of purchasing the insurance, the traveler must also check with their travel insurance company the following: 

– Eligibility 

– Terms and conditions 

– Limitations 

– Restrictions

– Exclusions

2) What is the basic cost of travel insurance?

Well, it depends on your insurance provider and the plan you choose for your trip but in general it costs you 4% to 8% of your entire trip cost (including accommodation costs and transportation costs — flights, rental cars, train tickets, etc.). Moreover, it also depends on your age, trip length, and the upgrade of your plan.

For example, a $3,300 trip for a 32-year-old going on a one-week trip to the Bahamas would typically cost between $150 to $250, depending on the insurance provider and benefits offered.

3) What is basically covered under the travel insurance?

As we mentioned above this insurance will help you at the time of trip. Especially, when you are traveling alone without any guidance and experience.

A  travel insurance provide large variety of offers that may cover during the trip-

1) Lost or stolen your things.

2) Medical emergency during a trip.

3) Trip cancellation, Trip delay ( due to weather )

4) Possible damage during the trip.

To understand exactly what is covered in your policy or not you should never be afraid to ask questions to your policy provider. Like you should ask what will happen when I lose my expensive device or what will be covered during any possible attack or robbery during the trip. Because these types of questions will make you clear about what you are choosing.

4) Why should you choose travel insurance ?

According to me, travel insurance can help you to  travel with more peace of mind. So you can worry less and focus on having a fun trip. On the other hand the travel insurance is not necessary to buy and It is up to you to choose it or not?

But in some cases you should have this insurance like- 

1) If you are travelling to any dangerous place or if you want to perform any adventurous or risky activity during your trip.

2) In medical cases – If you have any health problem then you can choose this  insurance.

3) If your trip is too long.

4) If you are going on a cruise.

5) If you are a big worrier.

5) When should you buy this service?

Well, timing is everything in our life and in case of deciding the travel  insurance you should be clear about your destination or time like on what date you are travelling. Moreover, you can buy a travel insurance service at the time of booking a ticket so that they can start it before departure.

At last, you all people have a single life and In this article I am not forcing anybody to buy  any travel insurance but it depends on you to choose it or not.


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