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If you want to make wealth in the stock market or want to buy and sell stocks of any company like Apple [AAPL], Facebook [FB] , Netflix[NFLX], etc. The very first thing you need is a best Stock Exchange.

A Stock Trading platform helps you to invest your money into the Stock Market. And there are many stock Exchanges available outside in the market. They can be simply distinguished by their user experience, trading fee, Investment Options, Trading tools, Market Research, beginners education or Customer Service.

And today in this article we will share the top Trading Platform for 2022 and make it easier for you to choose one of them, by comparing them.

Top Stock Exchange Platform For 2022 – 

1) Fidelity – Best Overall – Well, it is the one of the best trading platforms for beginners and serving more than 40 million Customers. Fidelity is not only best for every day investor but its “Fidelity Active Trader Pro ” Desktop Platform is excellent for active Trading including both day trading and option Trading.

However, this platform never offers – Futures, Forex trading  and CryptoCurrency Trading but it welcomes International Trading and enables Customers to Trade in 25 Countries and exchange in 16 Different Currencies.

Fee and Deposit – Fidelity offer Low or No fee on most of trades and broker service but they Charge high fee on managed options and Broker Assisted Trades. And we can simply open an account with a minimum deposit of $0.

2) TD Ameritrade – Best Web Platform – TD Ameritrade Is one of the largest Stock broker platforms. And they offer some investment options, not common in other brokers. For example – It includes free forex trading in 21 currencies.

According to the company, you can also buy some early shares, limited to institutional investors. Moreover, they also allow users to buy IPO  Stocks.

Moreover, users can easily access all trading information and the company’s educational, research and important planning tools by using TD Ameritrade web or Mobile App. They also have a platform called “ThinkorSwim” for high frequency traders. Which include all necessary tools, Powerful analysis, charting capabilities.This “Thinkorswim” platform is excellent for both active and day traders.

24/7 Customer Service – TD Ameritrade offer 24/7 customer service for their users and make human agent available to assist customers with any kind of technical issues or basic questions related to trade and investing

However, this TD Ameritrade has disadvantages like charging high Mutual Fund Transaction Fee. And this platform could be difficult for Newbies to navigate.

3) Webull – well “webull” is a mobile-based trading platform that offers 0% commission free stocks, ETFs and other trading options. This platform is designed for intermediate users and includes all advanced tardes features like charting, a lot of stock market research data, that help users to develop personalized investment Strategies.

Webull app is best for Intermediate trades, Active and option traders, Cryptocurrency Traders.

However, the investors who are looking for  Mutual Funds or Human Financial Advisor can be disappointed because they never offer such features. Moreover, they have no-Robo- Advisor Option.

If you are a true beginner and want to build a well diversified and long term portfolio this option might not be good for you. But If you are intermediate and want to trade with high technical analysis and advanced orders, this can be good for you.

4) E-trade – E-trade is one of the most popular online trading brokers that offer $0 commision for online U.S listed Stocks, exchange-traded Funds, Option Trades and make it easier for beginners to build their portfolio. E-trade also offers you a checking and saving account that allows you to transfer your funds between your account without paying any extra fee.

This platform is suitable for both beginner and advanced traders. Moreover, active traders can benefit from Power E-trade platform and app. which help to get technical studies, tools, Customizable options chain view, trading ladders and other to develop complex strategies.

E-trade is the best broker for beginner investors, frequent traders, Research and data or Retirement planner.

However, this company allows users to trade stocks, bonds, Mutual funds, ETFs, and Futures but never allows Forex trading, Cryptocurrency or Fractional Shares of Stocks. An automated investment account requires a $500 minimum to open.

5) Robinhood – Well, Robinhood is also one of the most popular trading platforms that offer free trading on stocks, options, ETFs and Cryptocurrency. And we can open an account with a minimum balance of $0. This platform offers fractional share investing and a very easy to sign up Process.

However, they never offer any retirement account and No Mutual funds and Bonds. Due to lack of common guidance this platform can be suitable for some experienced traders but not for true beginners.


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