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Things to keep in Mind before purchasing a your first Rental property

Well, it is the dream of lots of people to get a continuous flow of income without doing anything. And they use to try lot’s of  methods. So they can make a passive way of Income. 

For example – Investing in real estate is one of the best methods to set a  passive income. However, investing in a rental property is not a easier task to achieve. Most of people think that they only need to buy a property by just paying down and rent it out to someone. So they can generate a passive side income. But this process is not easy as it looks. Because, there are numerous things that you have to keep in mind before purchasing a rental property.

And today in this article we will talk about such point that you should think  before purchasing a your first Rental property. Please share this article with your friend who is ready to take this step  – 


1) Income potential – The first thing you should do is to calculate the monthly expenditure of your rental property. For example you should calculate house mortgage, tax, insurance, repair and other associated expenses. Because it is very important to cover your property expenses. So your investment can become a successful investment.

( In the rental property it is very important to calculate your hidden expenses carefully )

2) Location – Location is one another point that you should keep in mind. Because it plays a vital role in the price demand of property. And it also makes easy for you to find tenants.

Because no-one wants to live in such an area where no public transport or public services are available. Moreover, families always attract towards the area which are close to such places.

While finding a place you can keep these things in mind – 

1- Property should be close to public services like transportation, school , parks.

2) At least one shopping mall in the area.

3) Property should be in a safe and clean area. Moreover, these things can also help you to get whatever price you want from tenants for that particular property. 

3) Make some changes- After buying a rental property you should make some changes. So your property will look attractive to see. And more and more tenants will approach you. 

For example – It is your responsibility to hand-over a good condition house to your tenants. So they can stick with you for the long run. In general, you should also make a good home inspection and repair all things that should be changed. Pay close attention to heating systems, electrical, plumbing and other.

In addition, you should look for the properties those need minor changes and take less time to perform. So your tenants can move as soon as possible. Because, in some cases a property needs to make large changes such as in the floor etc. Which can consume lots of time and you need to cover the whole property expense from your own pocket. So look for properties which are almost ready to go. 

4) How will you advertise ? – After buying a property it is very important to have tenants. For example if you bought a house and you have no tenant then it is a very bad thing. So keep an eye on the tenants while finding a home. Moreover, you should also advertise in the newspaper, or tell other people in your own network.

5) Think about Management – Before buying  a particular property you should also ask yourself, that Can I manage it myself? Because your job is not only to buy and give it on rent. But also to take care of it. Moreover, you need more time and energy to manage it such as you have to make frequent visits, collect rent, and attempt sudden calls, and do some short repairs which could be a hard job. 

In addition you can also hire a property manager who can do these things for you.

6) Recognize your Tenants – Before handing your property to anyone you should recognize your tenants. For example their previous addresses, criminal background, original documents. Moreover, you should also make  an agreement with your tenants. And you should also charge advance security payment for security purposes.

You can also hire a lawyer who can do all documentation for you and make it easy for you to rent a property. 

At last, everyone should make such investments that can make them flow of income. But we should research deeply without investing blindly. Moreover, in the case of rental property you should take advice from some experts. Who can guide you to perform this activity successfully. 

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