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Monthly Dividend paying Stocks help their Investors to generate a passive Income. During the pandemic in 2021, most of the Retailers and retail investors turn their Intentions to Dividend paying Stocks. Because, they can use the Dividend Income to pay their Bills or Reinvest to grow their Portfolio.

According to a Report, some of the Non- Dividend paying stock touched the annual return of 4.18 during the time period of 1991 – 2015. On the other hand, the Dividend Paying Stocks reached 9.7% return annually during the same time period.

A report from CNBC, says that the annual Dividend payout reached to overall $522 Billion in 2021 which shows 8.1 % increase from its previous Year. Meanwhile, 300 companies in the S & P 500 increased their  dividend this year. 

Facts – At the time of choosing Dividend Stocks, Investors like REITs. Because, most of these companies pay 90% of their income in Dividend.

And today, In this article we will talk about 8 different companies that pay Dividends on Monthly Basis – 

1) Pembina Pipeline

Ticker Symbol ( NYSE -PBA ) 

Dividend Yield according to today’s data – 6.12 %.

Website –

Sector – Energy 

Industry – Oil & Gas Midstream

Summary – Pembina Company owns pipelines that use to distribute Hydrocarbon liquids and products, produced in western Canada. This company has a strong history and has been serving customers for more than 65 years. Pembina has a strong dividend history and they grow its payout over time.

2) STAG Industrial, INC 

Ticker Symbol – ( NYSE: STAG )

Dividend Yield according to today data – 3.83%

Official Website –

Sector – Real- Estate [REITs]

Summary – STAG is a Real Estate Investment Trust [REITs]. That mainly focuses on acquisition of single-tenant ( like warehouse) and Industrial facilities across U.S . This trust owns very high demand properties like warehouses because pandemics increase the influence of E-commerce and to maintain the supply chain the demand of warehouse property is increased. And they increase their rent with demand. Moreover, their dividend payout also increases over time.

3) Realty Income Corporation 

Ticker Symbol – NYSE:O

Dividend Yield according to today data – 4.53%

Official website –

Sector – Real Estate

Industry – REIT – Retail

Summary – Realty Income is another REIT that pays dividends on the monthly basis. This company is a member of S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index. This company has a strong balance sheet even if they acquire their fellew REIT called VEREIT in 2021. Moreover, this company has increased their dividend 109 times since they went public in 1994.

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4) SL Green Realty Corporation 

Ticker Symbol –  (NYSE:SLG)

Dividend Yield according to today data – 4.87%

Official Website –

Sector – Real- Estate 

Industry – REIT – Office

Summary – SL green is another REIT, paying a dividend on a monthly basis. This company is also a member of S&P 500 and the largest office landlord in New York City. However, last year was challenging because of Pandemic, SL Green has held up relatively well. The “SL Green” focus on owning large quality properties in the City. 

5) EPR Properties

Ticker Symbol – (NYSE:EPR)

Dividend Yield according to today data – 6.75%

Official Website –

Sector – Real Estate 

Industry – REIT – Specialty

This is another REIT that used to pay a monthly dividend. This company focuses on acquiring entertainment related properties like movie theaters, eat and play venues, resorts , gaming. However, the time of pandemic was challenging for them because most entertainment related sources are closed or lower theri capacity, and they are not able to pay rent. Due to which this company suspended their monthly dividend in 2020 and after the pandemic the EPR’s tenants were unable to pay rent. So they restarted their dividend in july 2021.

Bottom Line – 

These are the 5 companies that pay dividends on a monthly basis. And they have a strong dividend paying history. Moreover, to know more about the theri stock price or current dividend yield, you can visit their official website or find them in your Investing platform.

Lastly, it is very important to research a specific stock before investing in them. So, we recommend getting advice from your financial advisor or researching deeply before getting involved.

Disclaimer – The all companies mentioned above are based on personal research and experience. This is not financial advice to invest in any stock mentioned above. 


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