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5 Best Crypto Wallets of 2022

In the space of Cryptocurrency “Crypto Wallets” are one common and important tool. Because they help us to store our crypto assets safe and securely. Unlike other financial assets, our crypto currency also requires a safe shield. And these wallets are used by traders to buy, sell and store different tokens and NFTs. Moreover, we can store different types of crypto like bitcoin, ethereum and various others.

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What is a Crypto Wallet and What are Benefits of Using them?
Crypto wallet is one of the essential tools that provide facility like buying, selling and trading crypto.There are two main wallets types hardware and software also known as Hot and Cold Wallets. The other benefit of these wallets is they can Customize and provide Dedicated Solution as compared to Crypto Exchanges.
Our Top Pick For Best Crypto Wallet of 2022 – 
1) Coinbase Wallet – This Crypto wallet hit the first position in our list because it is one of the best Crypto wallets for Beginners. Because, it’s interface is very user friendly and very easy  to navigate. Coinbase wallet is also considered as one of the safest Mobile wallets. This app lets you send, receive or store coins with comfort despite you only started trading.
We can access this wallet without opening an account with Coinbase Exchange. Initially, this wallet was designed to support Ethereum and ERC20 Tokens. And Today, it is expanded to support more than 500 crypto tokens.
Additionally, with this “Coinbase wallet” we can participate in Airdrops, ICUs, access Dapps ( Decentralised Apps), Shp online with our Crypto and Collect Digital Art [ NFTs]
2) Electrum Crypto Wallet – This wallet is one of the best Crypto Wallet for Bitcoin Traders. This is one of the oldest and well known crypto wallets, founded in 2011. As we know lots of cryptocurrencies are being developed on a daily basis, but this wallet is only focused on Bitcoin. 
The other benefit of using Electrum wallet is we can easily adjust our fee spending. Like our transaction fee will be calculated according to our wait for the transaction to complete. All of the transactions completed by this wallet are verified by SPV [ Simple Payment Verification ]. The wallet only downloads part of the blockchain, helps to boost the speed without Compromising with security. And this wallet also integrated with cold wallets like [ Keepkey, Ledger, Trezor ]
3) Mycelium Crypto Wallet – This wallet is the best Crypto wallet for Mobile Users. People can easily buy bitcoin using Mycelium Crypto wallet app, available exclusively on both Android and apple mobile devices.
Mycelium Crypto Wallet is a hot storage wallet, compatible with hardware wallets like Ledger, Trezor, Keepkey. Mycelium Crypto Wallet also supports an Incorporated exchange called “Mycelium Ecosystem”. Additionally, users can scan any OR code for quick transaction and add google authenticator for Two Factor Authenticator for wallet.
However, using Mycelium Crypto Wallet can be confusing for first time users. And the wallet only supports Ether and ERC-20 Tokens.
4) Ledger Nano X Crypto Wallet – [ Best Offline Crypto Wallet ] – This wallet is used for the premium storage of our crypto asset and it supports 500+ coins and tokens. Ledger is a physical wallet and gives full control on private and public keys.
Ledger is a well known brand for Cold wallet [ Hardware] and it got popular for its Ledger Nano S, featured packed and highly secure cold wallet. And after this Ledger Nano S they expanded into Ledger Nano X with extra Features like built in Battery, Bluetooth Connectivity and easy asset management.
In addition, buy and sell crypto the Ledger live app can be used to Lend and Stake crypto to Generate Revenue. The minimum purchase cost of this Ledger Nano X is from $49 to $119.
5) Exodus [ Best For Desktop ] – Mostly this Exodus Wallet is used by people new to crypto space. This Exodus wallet is a Hot crypto wallet and available freely at no Purchase Cost.
This Crypto wallet supports 145+ Crypto Asset and allows users to Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay. Exodus also offers built-in no-commision trading, supported by Shapeshift Exchange. This “Exodus wallet” is compatible with hardware wallets and allows users to Customize their fee for Bitcoin and Ethereum Transaction.
Crypto wallet is one of the essential tools that provide facility like buying, selling and trading crypto. The main advantage of having Crypto wallets is they provide safety to our Crypto Asset. Like our other physical assets like gold and silver, our digital assets like Crypto, NFTs need safety. And we can provide them, by storing them in the safest Wallet.
All of the wallets available above are based on our research and listed according to their benefits. Please do proper research before using them.

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