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In my daily life I used to see lots of people who live their life from paycheck to paycheck. Like whatever they got from their first check they use to spend it all and start waiting for the next one. Living from paycheck to paycheck can be the choice of individuals but today we will share some tips by following people who want to try to stop living from paycheck to paycheck.

Well, living from paycheck to paycheck can be Ok, if you save some money for the Emergency funds and pay using all necessities like home, food and personal expenses. But you can also be a break this circle of paycheck by following these- 

1) Track your Spending- The very first thing you have to do is find out your all spending. Like to manage your money you have to know where all your money is going. To go through this all you can use a piece of paper and write your all month spending and check your bills.

2) Make a Budget- After knowing all your spending you have to make a plan that can help you to use your next month check. Making a budget is very necessary and you should include your all basic expenditures like- 

– Mortgage (Rent)

– Insurance

– Food

– Phone bills

– Emergency fund- If you are saving money for your bright future or for any accidental expense then that is awesome because you should do this. If you are not doing so then also make a column for the Emergency funds in your budget.

( The exact amount for the basic expensive mentioned above could be change from person to person so you should make it according to your paycheck)

3) Save for the future- Saving is a very crucial step for your bright future and easy retirement. If you guys work hard today and save for the future then you will live easy in future. And from your monthly check you should take the savings first and use the rest according to your budget. Moreover, you can  also set an automation payment from your checking account to savings.

4)Start a side hustle- Well in my case my monthly paycheck is only sufficient for paying the basic things and there is no money left for myself which I can use personally. So to complete my desire I used to do some side hustle. 

You extend your limits, you do not have to take debt, instead you have to do some extra hustle that can help you to fulfill your dreams. You can work on weekends, drive LYft, Uber and others.

5) Stop living in debt- If you want to buy anything big and that can not be adjusted in your budget then you should wait or save to that particular thing instead of taking a debt because debts are easy to take but very hard to get rid of. So you should avoid taking debt and paying interest despite the fact that you should save for that extra purchase. 

Well, according to my own experience these are the sufficient things that can help you to do something different. In conclusion, your budget plan matters which can help you to guide and you have to follow your plan strictly. Moreover, you also have to cut unnecessary items from your spending.


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